PERFORMANCES: The Festival includes eight or more formal, full-length performances.  We expect each performance to begin at the scheduled time. Please be seated 10 minutes prior to the scheduled performance time.   Concert etiquette is expected.  The length of each performance will vary based upon the repertoire.


TIP:   Evening programs will end right around nightfall.

It's the country, folks, and it may be little darker than you are used to.

Prepare to use your mobile phone or a small flashlight

to guide your way back to the car. Step carefully.



PROGRAMS: The Festival prides itself not only on the quality of its performers, but also on the caliber of its scholarly activity.  This includes the informative and enjoyable program notes that will interpret each performance.  Please secure your program booklet upon entry, free with your Festival Pass.  Yes, these programs of  60 pages or more are chock full of outstanding scholarship, primarily by concert annotator Jackson Harmeyer.  Consider dropping a $20 donation, just for this volume -- it is worth it!


FOOD AND DRINK: Cordon Bleu trained Chef Jay Kohler of Shreveport will direct our Sugarmill Café throughout the weekend.  Check the Sugarmill Café page for the anticipated menu. Wine and beer also will be available for purchase by those 21 and over.  Public drunkenness will not be tolerated.


WEATHER: A little Spring rain will not bother us in the least.  A deluge will.   There will be no rain checks or weather-related refunds unless Festival activities are cancelled.  P.S.  It is May -- it could be warm.  Dress accordingly.


DRESS: We suggest that you dress casually.  Family-friendly attire is expected.  Since the setting is rustic, we recommend sensible shoes. And, an umbrella is probably a good idea.  P.S. We will sell T-Shirts.  Buy one -- proceeds support the 2020 Festival.


COUNTRY CREATURES: Mosquitoes:  We will spray, but there's a good possibility.  Spiders and Such:  Enjoy them, they are harmless. Snakes: Very unlikely. Cattle: In the neighboring pasture.  Roosters:  Audible in the distance.  The ones who play Dueling Banjos: Not here.


QUESTIONS: Some guy asked yesterday if people really ask these so-called frequently asked questions and, if so, how frequently.  Here's the answer: Why, yes they do!  Lots!


NEXT YEAR'S FESTIVAL: Planning is underway already.  The Festival will be May 15-16-17, 2020.  Same great place.  Mark your calendar.  By the way, we offer monthly Nachtmusik concerts, September through April.  Click Here.