Cultural Excellence.  Academic Excellence.  Sound Management.  Effective Stewardship.  Enhanced Lives.  Joy.  Smiles.  Fulfillment.

CreativeSurge Louisiana is an Alexandria, Louisiana-based private 501c3 nonprofit organization established in 2015 to produce and promote top-quality cultural activities in Central Louisiana and across the state. Expect excellence in all CreativeSurge activities. 


Cultural Excellence.  Academic Excellence.  Sound Management.

Effective Stewardship.  Enhanced Lives.  Joy.  Smiles.  Fulfillment.


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Please remember CreativeSurge Louisiana in your financial and estate planning.  For wills, trusts and similar documents, our legal name is "CreativeSurge Louisiana" and our Tax Identification number is 47-5681195

CreativeSurge does not accept governmental funds.  We thrive through the prudent management and effective use of private voluntary support, including charitable donations, sponsorships, ticket sales and related activities.

Our Cultural and Academic Programs
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Articles of Incorporation


IRS 501c3 Letter

2019-20 Board of Directors


Thomas  Harmeyer

President and Secretary

Alexandria, Louisiana

Business Owner, Arts Patron, Community Volunteer, Nonprofit Executive


 Paul Christopher

Natchitoches, Louisiana

Musician, Music Educator, Concert Organizer, Arts Patron, Community Volunteer

Jackson Harmeyer

Louisville, Kentucky

Music Scholar, Writer, Festival Organizer, Arts Patron, Community Volunteer