Other Activities

CHESS.  Boards will be available for open play.
LEGO.  We will have a few thousand random bricks onsite for anyone who has a hankering to build.
OAK TREES.  They are beautiful to look at, and offer wonderful shade.  Enjoy them.  Picnic under them.
BIRDS.  There are always plenty who frequent the site.  Watch.  Listen.  Enjoy.
BUTTERFLIES.  Yep, they are fun to watch, too.
CLOUDS.  They drift over and are also fun to watch.  We are ever hopeful that they continue drifting, rather than stopping to pour rain on us.
A NOTE ABOUT CHILDREN.  They are certainly welcome.  Many enjoy it.  Some don't.  Each year, we have had babies who have slept peacefully in their parents arms throughout the concerts, and others who didn't.  Each year, we have enjoyed the wanderings of toddlers who joyfully danced and played to the music.  We have watched others yank at their parents without mercy.  You are smart people, so just use your discretion.